Boom Bap "Book Club"

What makes a rap song outstanding?

What makes an album a masterpiece?

What's more important ------- lyrics or production?

There are no right answers, but dammit these three rap nerds are gonna try to find them in this podcast.

Ep. 32: Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels (2013)

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Ep. 31 Jay-Z - The Black Album (2003)

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Ep. 30: Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth (1998)

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A lover of comics. He once landed a 360 flip. His dream show would include a super jam featuring The Grateful Dead, MF Doom, John Coltrane, and Steely Dan. Ben has the tribal knowledge of all things music and always wants to learn more.

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He may be basic, but he knows what he likes. One part supervillain. One part tech head. Three parts heart of gold.‍

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Representing the Yankees and the Knicks; a New Yorker through and through. Be it movies, sports, or pop culture, you want Dion on your trivia team.